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Halal Food Authority (HFA)

Halal Food Authority (HFA) is an independent, voluntary, non-profit, organisation operating as a commercial wing of a registered charity under Islamic supervision of halal inspection audit principle rules recognition registration and certification its halal compliance. The objective of HFA is to facilitate the Muslim Um’mah to be partial to genuinely manufactured halal food in compliance with HFA Halal Standards, Islamic Jurisprudence and relevant EU regulations in vogue. Simultaneously, HFA creates awareness of halal principles and axioms for halal production within food industry, consumers and various national and international forums.

The HFA promotes animal welfare, adherence to food safety, food hygiene and quality in compliance with UK Laws and within the teachings of the Islamic jurisprudence and faith. HFA contractually works with establishments that are involved in the production and supply of halal foods, to be able to certify all products for their halal status that is an assurance for the Muslim consumers that all the food they consume meets the axiom & standards of Halal. We assure that products available in markets are according with halal procedure our recognition is totally based on honesty.

Country : England
Contact : Muhammed Saqib
Email : saqib@halalfoodauthority.com
Website : www.halalfoodauthority.com

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