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29 Sep 2015

Point Remarks of President WHFC Dr. Lukmanul Hakim, M.Si Annual General Meeting Of WHFC 2015

Inform his election as Chairman of MUI for Economic and Halal Product.

1. Emphasizing of WHFC
    a. What is  WHFC
    b. Why there is WHFC
    c. Vision & Mission of WHFC
    d. Advantages of WHFC Member
    e. Reemphasizing about Halal :
        1. Halal has nothing to do with corruption
        2. Halal has nothing to do with terrorism
            a. Australian transaction report and analysis center said that no relation about halal and terorism (based on investigation).
        3. Halal is Halal is not a creation of mankind, it is an order from Allah.
        4. Halal is important for both domestic and exporting markets, 
        5. Halal is a matter for a moslem to have  a say and control, 
        6. Halal can only be certified by a reputable and trustworthy organization which is approved by both local and exporting country authorities, 
        7. Halal must follow the guides and requirements of the importing countries.
        8. Halal trading is more than 2 million USD  next 10 years will become more than 3 million USD.
        9. Propaganda will make by secularism group against halal product

2. Strategic role of WHFC Internationally 
    a. Declare the unity of Ummah 
    b. Halal as  a gate of islamic Da’wah 
    c. Positive Contribution of Halal for Soul and economy
    d. World Halal Standard regulator to support “Fair Trade”

3. WHFC Member condition until September 2015.
    a. Number of member consist of 40 Halal Certifying Bodies From 23 Countries.
    b. Number participant of Annual General Meeting 2015 is 45 Halal Certifying Bodies, 63 Participants, and 22 Countries. 
    c. There is 15% increasement from last year member (2014)
    d. Active member 85% and 15% non active member.
    e. Need active participation from all member to make WHFC become stronger and unity

4. Update Info
    a. New appointed Board Chairman of MUI
    b. Halal Assurance Product Law No. 33 Year 2014
        1. UU JPH will be implemented for the next 5 years. Not only for food but all kinds of product.
        2. Challenge to strighten and combine standard to face the above act to have same standard amongs WHFC member.
        3. Halal authority is still in Ulama side.
        4. Halal authority must coming from Ulama and based suggestion from scientific expertist.
    c. SEMIC will refer to us to make the standard for halal certification.
        1. It is our chance to have our voice unity for halal certification standard.
    d. MUI’s Role in Halal Assurance Product Activity
        1. Halal assurance Institution
        2. Accreditation bodies for Halal Certifying Bodies
        3. Fatwa Issuance
        4. Profession Certification Body (Competency Personal)

5. Next AGM agenda will discuss:
    a. to appoint group of standard in the organization regionally or internationally.
    b. It is our responsibility to bring halal as quality matter.
    c. Other certifier like SGS or TUV Nord, try to take halal certification only coming from quality side not from sharia.
    d. In Islamic minority country is not easy to have Ulama and Islamic research.
    e. Halal is halal, not related to terorism
    f. Halal standard should be unity to face political situation of the world
    g. It is important to put halal to still in the position, not only a bisnis.