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29 Sep 2015

Remarks Of WHFC Advisory Board K.H Amidhan Shaberah at Annual General Meeting of WHFC 2015


All participants of AGM of WHFC, Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all I would like to express my gratitude and welcome to all the participants of AGM of WHFC that already coming this evening. And I also render my sincere thanks to Brother Dr. Lukmanul Hakim,MSi, President of WHFC asking me to deliver a remarks in this forum.

As we know World Halal Food Council (WHFC) is a forum for halal certification bodies around the world. WHFC objectives are to create peaceful and safety for Moslem in the world in consuming halal product and to create halal standard that generally accepted in the world based on Islamic Law (Shariah).

Since reactivation in 2011 until now WHFC was already running four years. Year by year we are always facing different challenges and obstacles due to Halal compliance of the world. Today, according to me we are facing the challenges as below :

1. In Asia, we are facing the ASEAN free trade economic community (AEC) which will be effective in December 2015 this year. I think this ASEAN free trade will be influenced to market share of ASEAN Countries. Prepared or not merchandises will be flooding the market of ASEAN Countries. For Indonesia, the flood of merchandises coming from China and Korea. So, MUI (LPPOM) must work hard to certify the industries in China or to recognize certain halal certification bodies in China and Korea.

2. At the end of 2015 was enacted, the Act 33 of 2014, on October 17, 2014 as to the Halal Product Guarantee (JPH). The meaning of Halal Product Guarantee, abbreviated JPH is a lack of legal certainty for a product that is proven halal certificate. What is important in this legislation is the obligation of business actors / Industrial company both large, medium and small to obtain a certificate for its products as Halal products are regulated in Government Regulation Gradually, Article 67 (paragraph 1 and 2).

While the Act concerning the JPH will be effective the next 3 years and will be a perfect implementation of this regulation after the next five years after the formation of the Government and Regulation of the Minister of Technical regulations of this law as well as community out reach to industry. I think the act of JPH will be influenced to the Halal compliance, especially for the organization structure, even domain of MUI still like before namely to stipulate Halal Fatwa and to certify the product of industry. More information we can get from Br. Dr. Lukmanul Hakim. President of WHFC.

3. In Australia, South Australian Liberal Senator, Cory Bernardi has achieved his ambition to secure an inquiry into certification of halal, kosher, organic and genetically modified food. Bernardi move a motion in the Senate on Wednesday (13 May 2015) to launch an investigation into food certification schemes, including whether the public was given enough information about the certifiers’ financial records. Several high-profile companies have been targeted by anti halal campaigners. In January 2015, the head of one of Australian’s largest certifier’s launched defamation proceedings in the New South Wales Supreme Court after a campaigner made allegations about a financial link to terrorist organizations. And Tony Abbott (Prime Minister) has previously played down calls by several member of his own party for an inquiry into halal certification. But during a visit to halal-certified meat producer in Tasmania in March, the prime minister said “he was really pleased that a business like this is growing its export all the time, particularly to the Middle East”, Now the prime minister already changed to Malcolm Tumbull and we hope that he is better and the issue of anti halal certification finished. We can get more information from Br. Esad Alagic, Chairman of WHFC Australian-New Zealand Region.

4. In Europe, we must be responsible for being of Halal Police in the Netherlands in Europe. Halal Police is an organization which protects the Muslim consumers in the Netherlands from fraud and deception by inspecting halal restaurants / snack bars and slaughterhouses. They then write detail reports and articles on their website or not it is advisable to eat from the particular restaurant or to buy from particular slaughterhouse. Their website is www.halalpolie.nl (now the Halal Police). I think we need work together with them. More information we can get from Br. AM AL Chaman, chaiman of WHFC Region of Europe.

In General, and last but not least we have to discuss again in accordance with amalgam WHC to WHFC or Cooperation with particular GIMDES,

In accordance with above the five points of challenges, we must take advisable steps by WHFC or Region itself. I would like to suggest to solve as below 

a. Empowering the organization of the WHFC and membership issue. The first step is to consolidate the shariah committee and technical committee. Both committees must have frame of work and plan of action.  Even we have the same standard but eventually different in detail of work. So, to overcome the problem must comply with condition of the respectively regions. According to the issue of commitment of the member there is only one legal body that is WHFC. All member of the organization must be professional and loyalty. No place in the organization of WHFC for the hypocrisy.

b. Evaluating the implementation of the requirement and criteria of MUI Halal Standards, the formulation of the mutual recognition, make stopping false certifications, ways to stop certifications from Non Muslim or doubtful Certifies, and so on.


That’s all my remarks and thank all participants for attention.