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Australian Halal Authority & Advisers (AHAA)

We are established to provide a reliable and professional ‘end to end’ Halal consulting, endorsement, certification, audit and monitoring services across a wide range of local and global industries.

Our certification is based on the most stringent and conservative Halal requirements and guidelines accepted by all Islamic school of thoughts and include assessment and ongoing monitoring of processes, products and personnel involved from the provider to the consumer.

Our services adhere to high morals, ethics, integrity, and professional competency to offer you the assurance and confidence, the transparency, the reliability, and more importantly the peace of mind one deserves whether they be a Halal consumer, a Halal provider, or a partner.

We have recently restructured and repositioned ourselves to expand and consolidate our capabilities in terms of Training and Education, Halal Services including Consultancy, Audit and Certification, and Business Development with expansion to other states/countries.

Country : Australia
Contact : Azmi Raid Badres
Email : info@halaladvisers.com.au
Website : www.halaladvisers.com.au

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