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15 Oct 2015

Annual General Meeting WHFC 2015

World Halal Food Council was holding the Annual General Meeting WHFC on 29 September-1 October 2015 at Aryaduta Hotel Jakarta. Hosting by LPPOM MUI, this event attracted many people to attend this meeting. Recorded, 68 Participat from 45 Halal Certifying Bodies from 22 Countries represent ASIA, AUSTRALIA-NEW ZEALAND, AMERICA-LATIN AMERICA, EUROPE as member and observers this meeting.
The opening of Annual General Meeting was open by welcoming dinner and speech from Drs. Amidhan Shaberah, the Board of advisor of WHFC and continued with the speech from the President of WHFC Dr. Lukmanul Hakim, M.Si.
On his speech, Drs. Amidhan stated that World Halal Food Council (WHFC) is a forum for halal certification bodies around the world. WHFC objectives are to create peaceful and safety for Moslem in the world in consuming halal product  and to create halal standard that generally accepted in the world based on Islamic Law (Shariah).
“Since reactivation in 2011 until now WHFC was already running four years. Year by year we are always facing different challenges and obstacles due to Halal compliance of  the world. Today, according to me we are facing the challenges as, (1) ASEAN free trade economic community (AEC), (2)The issuing of the Act 33 of 2014 about Halal Product Assurance. (3) Halal Issues in Australia and Europe. In accordance with above challenges, we must take advisable steps by WHFC or Region itself. I would like to suggest to solve as below Empowering the organization of the WHFC and membership issue. The first step is to consolidate the shariah committee and technical  committee. Both committees must have frame of work and plan of action.  Even we have the same standard but eventually different  in detail of work. So, to overcome the problem must  comply with condition of the respectively regions.  According to the  issue of commitment of the member there is only one legal body that is WHFC. All member of the organization must be professional and loyalty. No place in the organization of WHFC for the hypocrisy and evaluating the implementation of the requirement and criteria of MUI Halal Standards, the formulation of the mutual recognition, make stopping false certifications, ways to stop certifications from Non Muslim or doubtful Certifies”.
After Mr. Amidhan Speech, continued with the speech from President  WHFC, in this occasion Dr. Lukmanul Hakim, M.Si also inform his election as chairman of MUI for economic and halal product. And also emphasizing what Drs. Amidhan have just in his speech. Dr. Lukmanul Hakim, M.Si emphasizing the why there should be WHFC, reinstatement of it’s vision and mission and the advantages of WHFC member to all participant that present. And Reemphasizing about Halal issues that ocure in Australia and Europe and over the world, “ Halal has nothing to do with corruption, Halal has nothing to do with terrorism. Australian transaction report and analysis center said that no relation about halal and terorism (based on investigation), Halal is Halal is not a creation of mankind, it is an order from Allah, Halal is important for both domestic and exporting markets, Halal is a matter for a moslem to have  a say and control, Halal can only be certified by a reputable and trustworthy organization which is approved by both local and exporting country authorities, Halal must follow the guides and requirements of the importing countries, Halal trading is more than 2 million USD  next 10 years will become more than 3 million USD, Propaganda will make by secularism group against halal product”
He also mentioned that on the Annual General Meeting will be discussing to appoint group of standard in the organization regionally or internationally. It is our responsibility to bring halal as quality matter. Other certifier like SGS or TUV Nord, try to take halal certification only coming from quality side not from sharia. In Islamic minority country is not easy to have Ulama and Islamic research. Halal is halal, not related to terorism, Halal standard should be unity to face political situation of the world, It is important to put halal to still in the position, not only a bisnis.
In the end of his speech, he also announced Drs. Amidhan as the honorary President of WHFC.
For The Annual General Meeting 2015 that was held on October 1, 2015, the agenda is to talk about the issue that has been brought up by the technical & shariah Committee.  The issue that is discussed is Time of death for animal slaughtered, What is the halal status of plastics as primary packaging (in touch with food packaged) if the additives or processing aids are coming from pig derivatives or from halal animal but slaughtered not according to Islamic way? And What is the halal status of plastic if it is not primary packaging (not in contact with food packaged) but the additives and/or processing aids are coming from pork derivatives?, Animals (including fish) which are fed najis materials, Procedures of “Nahr” process, Legal hamstrung by "Nahr" of the animals slaughtered recommended by "dzabh", Status of “Nahr” process after “dzabh” activity. Not only the result of Technical and Shariah Committee meeting. The AGM also discuss the mutual recognition among member of WHFC. Acceptance of Halal Certificate among WHFC members. Least not but least also the announcement of new member of WHFC :
1. Halal International Authority GULF  (Saudi Arabia)
2. Halal Development Institute of the Phillipines, INC (Phillipines)
3. Muslim Professional Japan Association (MPJA) – Japan
4. Islamic Foundation of Ireland  - Ireland
5. Islamic Inspection Services SIIL - Brazil
6. Australian Halal Development & Accreditation (AHDAA) – Australia
At The AGM also informed the member of WHFC regarding the QR code use as a global identification  code of WHFC member and To check authentication for the Halal Certificate among WHFC members.